Sabtu, Januari 15, 2011

FIFA Ballon D 'Or and FIFA First XI 2011

And the trophy goes to....Lionel Messi....Congrats to Barca magical wizard Lionel Messi for 2nd successive year for FIFA Best Player defeating his teammates, Xavi Hernandez and World Cup match winner Andres Iniesta with total votes of  7 Billion (wow,so many) from all coaches, reporters, legends and sport association from all around the world.

Here folks the first XI of FIFA team 2011 (dominated by SPAIN,yahoo)

FIFA First XI 2011

Iker Casillas (SPAIN) - Goalie

Maicon (BRAZIL) - Defender
Lucio (BRAZIL) - Defender
Gerard Pique (SPAIN) - Defender
Carlos Puyol (SPAIN) - Defender

Xavi Hernandez (SPAIN) - Midfielder
Wesley Sneidjer (HOLLAND) - Midfielder
Andres Iniesta (SPAIN) - Midfielder

Cristiano Ronaldo (PORTUGAL) - Forward
Lionel Messi (ARGENTINA) -Forward
David Villa (SPAIN) - Forward

No one from England??? hahaha...that's the fact....Like told in Bola@Mamak, BPL is most entertaining league in world but the players are not the best....Agree??

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