Sabtu, Januari 15, 2011

FIFA Ballon D 'Or and FIFA First XI 2011

And the trophy goes to....Lionel Messi....Congrats to Barca magical wizard Lionel Messi for 2nd successive year for FIFA Best Player defeating his teammates, Xavi Hernandez and World Cup match winner Andres Iniesta with total votes of  7 Billion (wow,so many) from all coaches, reporters, legends and sport association from all around the world.

Here folks the first XI of FIFA team 2011 (dominated by SPAIN,yahoo)

Did You Know

Intel back end history you need to know ...

1. Processors are printed on pure silicon which is derived from common beach sand;
2. Each second-generation Core processor is made up of almost one billion transistors. That's 540 million     more transistors than the combined number of cars in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific;
3. The new chips use 32nm transistors which can switch on and off more than 300 billion times in one second. It would take a human 4,000 years to flick a light swtich on and off that many times;
4. The second-generation Core processor is more than 4,000 times faster than Intel's first microprocessor, the 4004, which was introduced in 1971. It also uses 4,000 times less less energy than the 4004;
5. If the power consumption of the Core processor is equated to a electric clothes-dryer, drying one load for 60 minutes is equivalent to running a laptop for 6 days and 2.4 hours; and,
6. The price per transistor has dropped by a factor of about 100,000.

Sabtu, Januari 01, 2011

See...its 1-1-11....


Welcome to first edition of 2011 blog post of mine.... Hope this new year will bring joy and prosperity (not prosperity burger ya,haha) to our life....Hmm,so far,if we want to enter new year ,standard a.k.a cliche questions will come out will be like this:

1. What's your aim for new year (ape azam anda tahun depan kalau translate nye)
2. Is your wishes for past years achieved (translate: adakah hajat untuk tahun lepas tercapai)

For me, some of my wishes I already got it but only tiny wish...for major wish, I'm still pursuit it (ala ala Hot Pursuit,haha)....
Hope all of your wishes will come true this year...sape nk kawen cepat² la kawen,sape yang tengah cari calon,sile²kan la cari (including me,ahaks)..for those who will be mom n dad this year,congratulations,really happy on it...

So, let's rock on this new challenges this year...Yeehaa!!!