Isnin, Februari 07, 2011

IAD...Do we know bout it??

Apa itu IAD? Itu shortform dari perkataan 'Internet Addiction Disorder" a.k.a ketagihan Internet.
Tujuan aku tulis bab ni selepas tengok rancangan Dato' Haji Fadzillah Kamsah - Selami Jiwa bincangkan bab IAD ni. Lepas tu aku pun terfikir,adakah kita semua dah terkena penyakit ni?? Cuba fikir-fikirkan semua.

Ni maksud IAD dari Wikipedia:

"Internet addiction disorder (IAD), or, more broadly, Internet overuse, problematic computer use or pathological computer use, is excessive computer use that interferes with daily life. These terms avoid the distracting and divisive term addiction and are not limited to any single cause.
IAD was originally proposed as a disorder in a satirical hoax by Ivan Goldberg, M.D., in 1995. He took pathological gambling as diagnosed by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) as his model for the description of IAD. It is not however included in the current DSM as of 2009. IAD receives coverage in the press, and possible future classification as a psychological disorder continues to be debated and researched.
Online activities which, if done in person, would normally be considered troublesome, such as compulsive gambling or shopping, are sometimes called net compulsions. Others, such as reading or playing computer games, are troubling only to the extent that these activities interfere with normal life. Supporters of disorder classification often divide IAD into subtypes by activity, such as excessive, overwhelming, or inappropriate pornography use, gaming,online social networkingblogging, email, or Internet shopping. Opponents note that compulsive behaviors may not themselves be addictive."

Rabu, Februari 02, 2011

5 Great Free Anti-Spyware Tools For Your Security Needs

1. Microsoft Defender

Included right off the bat with your Windows installation, Microsoft Defender actually does a pretty decent job of keeping your software clean from infections. It may not have the same level of reputation as third-party software providers which cater directly towards spyware prevention, but Microsoft’s clout does offer decent assurance that it works the way it’s supposed to.

Users should take note, however, that while Microsoft Defender is turned on by default, it has been found to be turned off on some computers, perhaps due to automatic changes resulting from software or accidental tweaks manually made by users. It can be toggled on or off in the Control Panel, so it pays to occasionally check if the program is actively running and keeping you safe.

8 reasons carbs can help you lose weight

Eating carbs makes you thin for life
A recent multi-center study found that the slimmest people also ate the most carbs, and the chubbiest ate the least. The researchers concluded that your odds of getting and staying slim are best when carbs make up to 64% of your total daily caloric intake, or 361 grams.

That's the equivalent of several stuffed baked potatoes (a food we bet you've been afraid to eat for decades).

Most low-carb diets limit you to fewer than 30% of total calories from carbs and sometimes contain as few as 30 grams of carbohydrates a day.

Carbs fill you up
Many carb-filled foods act as powerful appetite suppressants. They're even more filling than protein or fat. These special carbs fill you up because they are digested more slowly than other types of foods, triggering a sensation of fullness in both your brain and your belly.

Research done at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom found that consuming Resistant Starch in one meal caused study participants to consume 10% fewer calories (roughly 150 to 200 calories for the average woman) during the next day, because they felt less hungry.

Carbs curb your hunger
According to researchers, when dieters are taken off a low-carb diet and shifted them to an approach that includes generous amounts of fiber and Resistant Starch foods, something wonderful happens: Within two days, the dieters' cravings go away.

The fiber and Resistant Starch fills them up and satisfies them while allowing them to eat the foods they crave. These good-news carbs also raise levels of satiety hormones that tell the brain to flip a switch that stifles hunger and turns up metabolism.

Another New Year Comes...

To all Chinese whether Cantonese or Mandarin or Hakka or any dialect or clan,

I take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Chinese New Year....Gong Xi Fa Cai...Kong Hey Fatt Choy...Happy Lunar Day...Happy Prosperous Rabbit Year....新年快乐 (singnin kuailak)...

Hope this year will give us joy, prosperity, wealth and happiness. Kong Hey Kong Hey

Sabtu, Januari 15, 2011

FIFA Ballon D 'Or and FIFA First XI 2011

And the trophy goes to....Lionel Messi....Congrats to Barca magical wizard Lionel Messi for 2nd successive year for FIFA Best Player defeating his teammates, Xavi Hernandez and World Cup match winner Andres Iniesta with total votes of  7 Billion (wow,so many) from all coaches, reporters, legends and sport association from all around the world.

Here folks the first XI of FIFA team 2011 (dominated by SPAIN,yahoo)