Ahad, Disember 26, 2010

FaceFood...nyum nyum

For those who still searching n peel off your head "Where I want to eat? Where I want to head to?"...
Do not fear, FaceFood is here (not Facebook folks,haha)...
Facefood offer you all delicious eating place all around KL and Selangor where you not just lick your fingers, you will lick whole hand....
Be pleasure yourself by viewing this site FaceFood but a a a, be patient when see the menus...

So finally,happy eating guys....See ya 

5 Secrets to make Guys more love on Gurls

Know a woman who always seems to be in perfect sync with the guy she is dating — they laugh at each other’s jokes, are considerate of one another’s feelings, and are devotedly in love (and best friends to boot)? Well, the reason this gal’s so lucky in love is pretty simple: It’s because she treats her guy right, and he can’t get enough of her company. Now, when I say she “treats her guy right,” what do I mean? She treats him like a friend, giving him the same five-star support, understanding, and (yes) slack we automatically extend to our girlfriends. If you want to reap the same benefits in your own love life, try some of these tips, and, trust me, you’ll notice a difference.

Khamis, Disember 16, 2010

Asyura 10 Muharam 1432 - Fadhilat, Kejadian dan Amalan Sunat

Dalam bulan Muharram hari yang paling bertuah ialah hari ke-10 atau lebih dikenali dengan nama Hari Asyura’. Pada hari tersebut kita disunatkan berpuasa. Malah dalam Mazhab Imam Hanafi puasa hari ke-10 dalam bulan Muharram ini adalah satu-satunya fardhu puasa yang pertama sebelum difardhukan puasa bulan Ramadhan.

Hadith daripada Aisyah: 

Sesiapa ingin berpuasa (sunat 10 Muharram) maka bolehlah dia berpuasa. Dan sesiapa yang tak ingin berpuasa maka boleh dia tinggalkan”. Hadith riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim.
Malah dalam sebuah hadith riwayat Muslim Nabi berpuasa pada 10 Muharram kerana pada hari tersebut diselamatkan Nabi Musa a.s daripada lemas dan juga daripada buruan Firaun.